Advantages Of Growing Houseplants

It is quite normal to find people growing a few trees, shrubs and small flowering plants in their garden. They can add to a building’s visual appeal and make for a great way to increase the air quality in the neighbourhood, not to mention that plants which grow fruits and vegetables can then be harvested when those are ripe enough to do so.

Along with growing plants outdoors, people have started to introduce plants into their homes’ interior and inside workplaces. There are a few reasons for doing this, and most of them are advantageous to homeowners for making their homes much better places to live in.

  • Assists in Breathing – It is a known fact that plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and release oxygen, which allows us to breathe much more easily. When we add plants inside our homes, we can observe this phenomenon much better than in outdoor plants, since our homes are enclosed environments. This is probably one of the key reasons why indoor office plants delivery is so popular nowadays. Click here for more info on office plants delivery.
  • Increases Humidity – If you think air is too dry for your tastes or if you find that cracking of your skin and lips seems to be too common, adding a few indoor plants can help you solve this situation. Plants do absorb water, but they release most of it again to the outside environment, thus increasing humidity levels. Higher humidity levels can also help reduce the chance of getting sore throats and dry colds, since an increased moisture content will make it harder for the flu virus to survive.
  • Better Mental Health – We often bring some plants as gifts when we go visit relatives who have been recovering from a serious illness or accident, either in a hospital or at home. While it may look like we just do it as a tradition, recent studies have shown that patients who frequently interact and care for plants experience lower recovery times and a much improved mental health. Therefore, you can consider adding a few indoor pots Melbourne if you are suffering from mental fatigue and depression.
  • Improved Air Quality – Many plants improve nearby air quality in more ways than just producing extra oxygen for you to breathe. Some can absorb harmful chemicals, while others can filter debris and dust which routinely enter your room. Additionally, children who come in contact with plants at a young age will develop better resistance to allergens such as plant pollen, which can help them immensely when they reach adulthood.
  • More Productivity at Work – This is not something that you would expect plants to do, but studies have shown otherwise. Improved work productivity is something that is welcome virtually anywhere you can think of, from households to classrooms and offices. It may be worth a try and see for yourself whether this happens or not, although many would agree that some changes could be seen.