Brighten Up Your Home Space

When I talk about how to brighten up your home space, I’m sure some of you must be thinking of me referring to adding up some bright pop colours in to your home décor and throwing in nice colours and shaded furniture to give your house a freshened up look. It’s true you can always brighten up an area with a little pop of colour or by adding some new furniture or even by re-arranging the living space into a newer order so that it looks fresh and new but here in this read I’ll be focusing mainly on how you can control light in and out of your house. We know that a house with burgundy walls and a beige couch with vintage lights can actually scream out some classical look to the house but if you are to brighten up this space, you will have to work on it a bit more.

Some would suggest to have larger windows or open areas in the house and it will allow more light to come in to your house but then again, this can affect the privacy of a person by having too many open windows and which is why I’ve seen so many interior decorators suggest them to have wider glass windows and have a good quality products like DIY roman blinds to cover them up whenever they feel like. However, here are some tips to making your home space look brighter than it actually is.

Mirrored walls

This tip will never go out of style no matter what trend comes through because these spaces when covered up with mirrors, the reflection on one another creates the illusion of extra space and also they will absorb the light off the shades you have and reflect on each mirror. This not only makes you feel you have more space but also more light.

Glass Walls

The next thing is to have an entire wall or window space in glass with sliding doors which connect you to the next part of the house. Rather than having a thick wall separating the space apart, the glasses give a more slim separation. If you ever feel like these glass walls can be too distracting, then you can always use panel glide blinds to cover up them into partitions without having to see-through.

If these two options seem like a lot of work if you are living in an apartment or a place that doesn’t belong to you, then I suggest you go ahead with some good lighting system, clearer shades and more light shaded furniture to make the space look less cluttered, spacious and bright.