Popular And Fun Types Of Swimming Pools One Can Build

If you are thinking of building a swimming pool in your house, apartment or hotel you might want to stop and think about what kind of pool you want. There are a lot of various pool types that are very different from each other so you have a lot of options to decide from. The pros and cons of each pool does differ but not by a very large gap, so whatever pool you choose you will be able to enjoy its advantages. The main difference between all of these different types of pools is that the way they are constructed differ from each other which makes them all unique from the rest. Have a look at these popular swimming pool types and decide what you want!

Vinyl lined pools

These pools are a bit similar to that of above ground pools but they are also very beautiful and unique on its own. These inground pools Melbourne are built like any other pool that is in ground. The hole for the pol is first cut, the perimeter is then assembled with either metal, plastic or even wood sometimes and finally the walls are lined beautifully with vinyl. Since vinyl is a material that is not very durable the vinyl lining has to be replaced once every ten years or so, but other than that it really is a beautiful pool design.

Above ground pools

This pool design is typically the easiest one and the least expensive one to build. There are most above ground pools that require pool builders to build it for you, but there are also some above ground pool designs that require no help and you can probably put the pieces together all by yourself. Even then a lot of people tend to hire help in case things go wrong. You first assign a track and then you have to support the walls using metal or plastic, finally you can start to spread the sand and install plumbing as well. This is also a bit less durable but still extremely convenient as you move its location.

Gunite pools

These are the most expensive yet the most popular pool designs in the world. It takes a bit of time to build this design but once built it is extremely worth spending the time on. There are special rebar rods used in the built of this pool and they spray the entire thing with gunite. A wet concrete material is then seen to be formed which has to be dried so it is kept until about a week passes. In the end, the result is a beautiful pool design.