When The Bathroom Issues Need A Professional…

When one sees that the bathroom or kitchen has a leaky faucet, he or she would normally attempt some form of a do-it-yourself repair job, or at most, decide to install a new faucet altogether. There are many such common plumbing-related issues that people normally try and fix themselves, but there are also plenty of issues that definitely need the attention of a professional. Here are some issues that you certainly can’t fix by yourself: 

  • Blocked drains and pipes – the most common issue that requires the attention of a cheap plumber is cases of pipe blockage. If the water seems to remain without draining forever, and using a plunger just does not seem to make much of a difference, there is a good chance your sewer line is blocked up. As opposed to the presence of sediments or the like in your pipes, which can be fixed by the use of chemicals, blocked sewers are often the result of objects that cannot be flushed getting stuck together. Using chemicals or the like can actually worsen the issue, because they might damage not only your sewer line, but that of your neighbours’ as well. Make sure to call a plumber instead of trying to fix pipe blockages yourself.
    • Burst pipes – burst pipes are almost unheard of issues in the lower latitudes, but in regions where freezing temperatures can and do happen, this is actually a common reason to call the emergency plumber Cheltenham. When the piping is subjected to below-freezing temperatures, it contracts, but the frozen water within it will actually expand, and this can easily cause the brittle pipe to burst. Even mere cracks can easily cause flooding in your home, which is why it is important to address the issue as soon as possible – or you will require repairs to your walls and flooring as well. A professional plumber will swiftly find the source of the leaks and quickly fix it – so do not waste time when you believe a pipe has burst or cracked.
      • Lack of hot water – if there is no hot water, chances are your water heater is acting up. Since this is often powered either by electricity or gas, it should be obvious that tinkering with it unknowingly can easily result in more than a few scratches on your home (or yourself). Accordingly, if you believe there is something wrong with the heater, make sure to call either a plumber or a technician to take a look at your heater – the issue may sometimes be a minor defect that calls for small repairs, or it may sometimes warrant the replacement of your heater itself.