Beginner’s Lessons On Becoming A House Sitter

The summer holidays have arrived, you and your colleagues are looking for potential summer jobs to be occupied and save money for college. There are many different summer jobs that you can opt to do, dog walking, mowing the lawn, being a baby sitter, or even be a house sitter. One of the best things about being a house sitter is you can enjoy your holidays in a different place, within a different community and retreat yourself from the occasional day to day routines you do. To those of you who are thinking about what kind of summer job is best for you to relax and fill your pockets, house sitting would be a good option. Read on for tips on becoming a good house sitter.

First steps

The first thing you would do is, start your own website or go by word of mouth to people that you taking up on house sitting. There could be vacancies asking or an advertisement, you can directly call and inquire them about the job. Create a profile mentioning your skills such as, how good you are with pets, giving the owners confidence that you would nail this job.

Have your priorities

Next thing is to decide what you would want to do as a house sitter? Clarify the kind chores that you would want to do. Make your stance clear and talk to the homeowners about your priorities. Some days you might have assignment’s to do or college applications to fill. Mention these to your homeowners, so they know days to give you off and other days to keep you occupied. Make sure you have all the information before you go and stay. It’s essential to also mentions your allergies if you have any.

Dos and don’ts

You have been entrusted with someone’s house and it’s your duty to make sure that the house looks exactly the same way they left it to you. Don’t call your friends over for a party. The stains in the dining chairs will give you away.

Make sure to take in the mail and water the plants. These are some of the basics that a house sitter does. Feed the pet on time and keep the house clean. If you are required to do extra things, make sure you list them down and not forget to do it.

Enjoy the perks!

Finally, it’s not always going to be clean and dust for you. You can always take your time off, sprawl on the best quality lounge furniture to read a book or two. Have your own time alone and cook your meals. You are staying rent free in a new place, so it’s a good time to mingle with the community around and make new friends.It’s always good to do things for a change and if you have always been the same person sitting behind a lemonade stand in your house yard, it would be a good idea to start looking into house sitting. You can have your free time and there’s no necessity to rush and do your chores. It’s a good idea to be in a different place and have new experience. So, enjoy the new house while it lasts.